Courtagen Closes It’s Doors

After 6 years of business, Courtagen Life Sciences is no longer in existence. The closure of the company was announced on Thursday, 6/29/17, and came as a surprise to almost everyone, Dr. Boles included. In fact, a few Courtagen employees were at the UMDF conference in Virginia operating the company’s booth and explaining their products to physicians and families when the news was released. Dr. Boles had just the night before hosted a dinner meeting in Columbia, Maryland where he was able to gain interest in DNA testing to a group of pediatricians and other care providers.


Regarding his experiences at Courtagen over the last 5 years, Dr. Boles has the following to say:

“The recent development is not at all what I had hoped for; it is very difficult to see 5 years of labor and passion collapse. However, I do not for the moment regret my decision to join Courtagen as its Medical Director. I have learned so much regarding health, biology, and business. I now understand far more regarding why patients have chronic pain, fatigue, autism, and many other conditions. I learned that DNA testing does work, that with it we can identify potential factors leading to disease, and most importantly, many times we can intervene successfully. So many patients across the country are better now because of this testing. I thank all the people at Courtagen for being such awesome colleagues and for giving me this opportunity.”


Courtagen’s products remained in high demand even to the day it closed. The Board of Directors was forced to close the doors because insurance companies stopped paying for its services. Courtagen is not the first company doing DNA testing to close its doors, and will not be the last. Soon, such testing may no long be available, anywhere. Already, there is a hole in the marketplace because no existing company interprets DNA sequences from the prospective of offering clinicians practical treatment options for patients with functional and autistic spectrum disorders. If DNA testing (performed by Courtagen or any other company) has helped you or your child, Dr. Boles has asked that you make your voices heard. You can start by contacting the UMDF and MitoAction to add your story.


Per Dr. Boles, “It is not over yet; this is just another obstacle to surpass. You have not seen the last of me in the promising field of DNA testing.”