Innovation and Research

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies have opened the door to vast knowledge that was not previously available. In particular, this practice seeks to utilize massive DNA sequence information in medical practice. This is NOT research, in that the overriding purpose of the practice is to provide you/your child with medical care. However, the care provided often is personalized and/or innovative, in that it is targeted to the unique aspects of the patient and family, including DNA sequence data.


In addition to providing patient care, Dr. Boles is collecting data in order to improve, care, educate other physicians/providers, and learn more about these conditions. The ultimate goal of this data collection is to improve medical care. Your/your child’s medical information will be used in this data analysis by Dr. Boles and any investigators under his supervision in accordance with applicable law.  No personal identifying information will be published or presented to others without your specific permission. Examples of information NOT released without your approval includes names, photos, and enough detail so that the family/patient could be identified (example: a detailed pedigree). By joining and continuing to be followed in this practice, you are consenting to the use, publication (both print and electronic) and presentation of non-identifying information, in a manner similar to that of academic medical institutions, as permitted by law.