Coenzyme Q10

What Is CoQ10 and Who Should Consider Supplementation:

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an essential electron carrier in the respiratory chain, whereas
    almost all of the energy for the body is produced.
    CoQ10 also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused
    by harmful molecules.
  • Having been a mainstay of the “mitochondrial cocktail” for the treatment of
    mitochondrial disease for decades, many physicians now recommend CoQ10
    supplementation for a variety of different medical conditions, including many
    neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Some people with these conditions have severe CoQ10 deficiency and substantial
    improvement occurs with CoQ10 supplementation. More frequently, CoQ10 levels are
    not deficient, yet supplementation results in clinical improvement via enhanced energy
    metabolism or driven by its antioxidant properties in ameliorating an underlying
    metabolic, redox, or mitochondrial condition.
  • One study in children with autism reported that significant improvements were noted
    using CoQ10, including in communication and social skills as well as sleeping (see here
    for details).
  • CoQ10 is also sometimes recommended for treating a wide range of other conditions,
    especially heart disease and migraine, including cyclic vomiting.
    Given the above and its tolerability (side effects are rare and mild), many expert
    physicians recommend CoQ10 in their patients with a variety of neurological and
    neurodevelopmental conditions, especially in those with signs of mitochondrial
    dysfunction and/or manifestations of migraine or chronic pain.
  • CoQ10 is such an essential component of the mitochondrial cocktail that any
    mitochondrial-targeted approach is likely to fail unless sufficient CoQ10 is
  • There is a substantial amount of CoQ10 in SpectrumNeeds®, however, all in the
    ubiquinone form since ubiquinol is not stable and bioavailable in a powder form. CoQ10
    blood monitoring suggests that this amount is rarely enough, and Dr. Boles generally
    recommended additional CoQ10, usually ubiquinol, for his patients, whether or not they
    are taking SpectrumNeeds®.


Dr. Boles’ CoQ10 Supplementation Recommendations:

  • There are many brands of CoQ10 on the market, yet in Dr. Boles’ experience most of
    them are poorly absorbed, in that even extremely high doses do not lead to desired
    blood levels.
  • There are a few good brands of CoQ10, some of which are discussed here. However, no
    single CoQ10 product is perfect for everyone.
    NeuroNeeds® launched its own CoQ10 product, QNeeds®, in May, 2019.


NeuroNeeds®-Brand CoQ10: QNeeds®

  • Dr. Boles is the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of NeuroNeeds®, and the main
    designer of QNeeds®.
  • With that stated, Dr. Boles believes that QNeeds® has advantages over other CoQ10 products on the market today. Here are the advantages of QNeeds®:
    • Sourced from Kaneka®-brand ubiquinol, a premium product.
    • Packaged in a small, very-easy-to-swallow softgel.
    • Enhanced, state-of-the-art bioavailability, achieved in part by low dosing of natural ingredients, including d-limonene, alpha-lipoic acid, and capric andcaprylic acids. This can mean lower dosing for the same blood level and clinical
    • effect.
    • Contains no soy or other common antigens.
    • Retails at a good price.
    • Volume discounts are available at


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