Reading DNA Tests in Dr. Rossignol’s Office

Dr. Boles, M.D. will be available to consult regarding genetic testing in Dr. Rossignol’s practice in Aliso Viejo (Orange County), California on Wednesdays.


If your child has autism, you have two options to get a consultation from Dr. Boles:

  • Your child becomes his patient and is seen in his private practice in Pasadena, California. The information under the Practice Logistics menu heading of this website covers this option in detail.
  • Your child is seen by Dr. Boles in Dr. Rossignol’s office in Aliso Viejo, California. This is a briefer and less-expensive option. The information below covers this option.


Dr. Boles shares the belief that people who suffer from autism have a complex physical disorder that can be better understood with testing, and in most cases is amendable to treatment. Dr. Boles strongly believes that genetic (DNA) testing is an important aspect of the proper workup of children and adults with autism. Whether you have had genetic testing before (perhaps whose results were less than stellar), or if your child has not yet been tested, he will work with you to identify the appropriate testing, if needed, and to read the results to identify potential treatments. In his experience, this approach results in beneficial treatment changes in about half of children with autism, and occasionally is very highly successful.


Dr. Boles will be available starting on August 9th on most Wednesdays to see patients and families in Dr. Rossignol’s California office in Aliso Viejo. He is available for both pre- and post-testing consultations.


Pre-Testing Consultation: In cases whereas genetic testing was either not performed, or that the testing is incomplete or outdated, Dr. Boles will discuss the pros and cons of testing, and discuss different testing options for your child.


Post-Testing Consultation: In this consultation, the results of the genetic testing are explained in detail to the family. Even if the official result on the test report is negative, Dr. Boles, in consultation with the family, can often identify variants that may be related to disease. This is because testing is read in laboratories by people that are not clinical experts in autism, who have never met and do not really know your child’s medical history.  


Appointments are made to see Dr. Boles in the same manner as appointments are made to see Dr. Rossignol in Aliso Viejo. In addition, Dr. Boles employs the same billing charges and methods as Dr. Rossignol.


For more information, contact Dr. Rossignol’s office, or click on this link to go to Dr. Rossignol’s website.